One year already ! It’s safe to say that Nienke and Sil Fon were surrounded by love on their wedding day and have an amazing cast of family and friends. They married on the 18th June 2018 as 8/八 is a lucky number in Cantonese culture, assuring prosperity. Red was also a significant part of this day to bring good luck, hence Nienke starting her day in her stunning red dress custom made in Hong Kong – going to a tailor in Asia is such a special experience !

While Nienke was getting pampered, surrounded by her closest friends, Sil Fon and his band of merry men were subjected to the wonderfully wacky tradition of Chinese door games to gain the right to enter his beloved’s home. Seemingly unfazed by losing round after round they had to face a series of increasingly ludicrous challenges : pass the seaweed, kiss the groom’s butt and a karaoke rendition of Barbie Girl were some of the definitive highlights !

Somehow the two lovebirds were reunited and the rest of the day was a blast. First up was a tea ceremony, in which they got so many blessings I’m surprised they don’t have 24 children by now, then a Dutch ceremony officiated by the Gemeente once Nienke had switched to her white wedding dress. Cupcakes and bubbly were shared, games were played and banquets were consumed until the turning point of the day : having a toast with EACH of the tables…there definitely was a before and an after ! They managed to recover in time to shred the dancefloor opening with Sweet Child Of Mine and everyone then joined in till the wee hours and a fireworks send-off.

Nienke and Sil Fon thanks again for having me a part of your memorable day !

Yāt Yih Sàam…van harte gefeliciteerd !!!

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