I’m always honored to become an integral part of two people’s most special day, meeting their dear ones and immortalizing the emotions throughout. For this celebration, I had not only the honor of getting close to a small group of lovely people but also explore Den Bosch in depth, even from its canals dating back to medieval times.

Aurélie and Nicolás’ traditional ceremony took place in the magnificent St John’s Cathedral in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch for non-Dutch speakers, meaning The Forest). A few handfuls of guests attended as the bride’s family lives in France and the groom’s in Ecuador.

Following a short stroll through town, we embarked on boats to visit Den Bosch from a different perspective. Nicolás insisted on carrying Aurélie onto their boat, which was much applauded ! As beautiful as that trip was, it also was slightly surreal as creatures from Hieronymus Bosch’s intricate paintings dot the water.

We then disembarked within the old city walls and close to their chosen reception venue, l’Auberge de Veste, to drink (real !) Champagne and feast on the wedding cake. The three of us then ventured around the area for photos as the light was perfect and we were even extra lucky to have access to Nicolás’ university grounds, housing a rare type of pear under a beautiful canopy. They then had their first dance on the street in front of the restaurant and we parted ways (for the time being).

Several weeks later, I received the following heart-warming message after delivery:

” We spent the whole evening yesterday watching your pictures (and today too by the way), they are incredible…and the surprise, stunning !!!

We agree with you that it was a beautiful encounter and we’re fully planning to keep you in our directory as official photographer of our family. On top of managing all the organization, you really have a gift for photography…Both our families fully agreed on this subject :)”

Without further ado, Aurélie&Nicolás !

Credits :
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Restaurant : http://www.aubergedeveste.nl/