Meet Charissa and Verno, two fierce souls living a stone’s throw away from our house ! When my Austrian photographer friend Barbara ( ) came to visit in Amsterdam, we wanted to shoot together so we needed to settle on a location and find a madly in love couple who would be up for it.

We chose Blijburg, a hip yet not famous Amsterdam beach built with the sand left over from the Ijburg island construction. Blij means happy in Dutch and that place certainly made a lot of people happy for many years in the summer ! Sadly it has closed down since for land expansion but the fantastic café and quirky chapel will hopefully find a new place to thrive. It’s also what makes Amsterdam a great place to live, it is always in flux and reinventing itself (or a permanent building site as some locals put it!).

As they were used to taking their two lovely boys there, Charissa and Verno were very enthusiastic about making images of them at that location. Shooting somewhere meaningful for a couple is always more evocative and personal, hence why getting to know clients is so important. Along came another talented photographer, Kim from and the perfect recipe for magic was concocted ! Without further ado, enjoy these two inspiring human beings.