I LOVE international couples ! Probably because I’m in one myself and can really relate to what it entails. Aurélie is a fellow French expatriate while her beau Nicolás comes from Ecuador. They met on a Christian dating website (21st century love story) and, after some time in a long distance relationship they, of course, moved to the Netherlands. While they are living in Den Bosch, I suggested for them to come to Amsterdam for their engagement session as they hadn’t yet properly visited our village. I returned the favor by visiting theirs for their wedding but that will be for another post.

The fact that we met on the night France won the World Cup meant that the city was extra festive (with all French expats shouting with joy at their windows!) and we got to know each other pretty quickly. We had chosen together to explore the Jordaan and Prinseneiland and the magical light that night matched their love for each other.