When Ian, Jo Jo and their son Kingston came to Amsterdam for vacation all the way from California I was really excited to immortalize them ! It was their first visit and we hit it straight away, all strangers in a strange land. It doesn’t get more quintessential Amsterdam than the Jordaan with its crooked (drunk ?) 17th century houses and many beautiful canals and bridges. That is why we started our journey there then ventured out to the more intimate Prinseneiland and looped back to town with the more modern Westerdok behind us. This way they got a more complete picture of what Amsterdam is about and got great varied photos to remember it.

Ian and Jo Jo have great chemistry so it was equally great shooting just the two of them with Kingston in his pram close to me. As a dad myself I understand that it is rare having great couple photos once a baby (literally) comes in the picture ! Therefore I always try my best to look after the little one(s) for a few couple shots on family sessions. And it’s always appreciated !

When you come on holidays in Amsterdam, don’t hesitate to get in touch so I can show you the best of the town, tailored to your interests, and have a great time together.