philippe bro

Hi, my name is Bro, Philippe Bro. But behind Philippe Bro Photography are also the love of my life Sara and the newest and freshest member of our family, Iris!

For the past seven years, our home has been the gorgeous and fascinating melting-pot that is Amsterdam. Before that, we lived in the UK for many years, having both left in our early twenties the countries we grew up in, respectively France (monsieur Philippe) and Italy (signora Sara).

Photography has been my passion for the best part of the last ten years. While I first picked up the camera to record beautiful landscapes and travel memories, it quickly became so much more than that ! The obsession started when my then girlfriend and I decided to travel from Beijing to New Delhi through Tibet and Nepal for 6 months, and I wanted to remember as much of that crazy adventure as possible. I came back to Europe with a burning desire to learn much more about light, composition, capturing moments and all genres of photography.

I decided to focus on weddings, couples and families as I thrive on getting to know people from all backgrounds and walks of life, but above all because I truly love capturing emotions and connections. These certainly run at their wildest on a wedding day – or a full on three-day marathon if you’re Indian ! But I am also drawn to the more intimate intensity of elopements, loveshoots and family sessions, be they outdoors or at home. Since I love traveling, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to combine all these passions by offering destination weddings and engagement sessions.

I developed my craft and vision a few years ago while working full-time in IT, as I started picking up assignments on the side. Then, when I got married in 2014 in gorgeous Italian settings to my soulmate, I realized the importance of long-lasting wedding photography, officially started my business in 2016 and welcomed Iris to our world in 2017 – hello newborn photography!

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